JPMorgan strategist sees Bitcoin as currently fairly valued

A strategist from the US investment bank JPMorgan comes to the analysis that the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is currently fairly valued.JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who is known to be one of Bitcoin’s opponents, is certainly not particularly enthusiastic that one of his employees has created an analysis that determines the intrinsic value of Bitcoin. A lot of all Bitcoin critics deny that Bitcoin can have anything like an intrinsic value at all. In addition to Jamie Dimon, investment legend Warren Buffet should be mentioned here, for whom cryptocurrencies are nothing more than hot air that have no intrinsic value.


The intrinsic value of Bitcoin

The intrinsic value of an asset is intended to indicate what an asset really is, ergo fundamental, value. After all, prices on the stock exchanges tend to overvaluate or undervalued. Behind the intrinsic value is the attempt to determine as objectively as possible, for example, how much a company is worth in euros or US dollars. While a company has a substance value and the company generates profits or losses that allow accounting conclusions to be made about an intrinsic value, the whole thing is somewhat more difficult with cryptocurrencies.