John McAfee: With this tweet he finally declares war on Bitcoin (BTC)!

The former Bitcoin (BTC) cop John McAfee has now finally turned into a BTC enemy. Having recently described Bitcoin as outdated, he has now gone one step further:

For a long time, John McAfee, anti-virus entrepreneur and more or less serious US presidential candidate, pretended to be the biggest Bitcoin (BTC) optimist. Unforgotten is his bet that BTC will either reach the price of one million US dollars in 2020 or McAfee will eat his genitals in front of running cameras.


How John McAfee became an enemy of Bitcoin

But no sooner had the new year dawned than the eccentric 74-year-old made a 180-degree turn. First, he canceled his famous “Dickening” bet. Right from the start, this would have been nothing more than a “ruse to attract new users”. Or perhaps McAfee had simply realized that sticking to his forecast seemed hopeless given the current price trend.

After that, the entrepreneur continued to alienate himself from the Bitcoin community: BTC was “not the future of crypto,” he claimed a few days after the cancellation of his bet. However, McAfee simultaneously declared that he did not hate Bitcoin.


McAfee: Bitcoin (BTC) is a “Shitcoin”

In the meantime, however, the eccentric seems to have come a little closer to hatred. Today he declared once again that the future of the crypto currency lay with the Altcoins. Bitcoin, in contrast, is “the real Shitcoin. McAfee is thus using a term popular with Bitcoin maximumists, which usually describes particularly fraudulent projects, against themselves.


He described Bitcoin as “old, clunky, no security, no smart contracts, no DAPs. However, McAfee did not explain exactly where BTC’s security holes were. That something is old can also be an advantage, which is described by the so-called Lindy effect.

There is also a widespread view that BTC should focus on its core tasks as a currency and value store, and that additions such as smart contracts or DAPs are just distracting frills.