Gold mining in the US is barely recovering

Gold mining in the United States recovered slightly in the first two months of the year, albeit at a low level.


Gold from the United States

Mining companies in the United States produced 16.3 tons of gold last February. That goes from the current report of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Compared to the previous month, there was a decrease of 5.2 percent.


Easy recovery for the United States of America

Compared to February 2019, U.S. gold production rose by 5.8 percent. At that time the output was only 15.4 tons. 33.5 tons of gold were produced in January and February, 2.5 percent more than in the two-month period of 2019. Gold mining in the USA remains at a relatively low level. In December 2018, a monthly production volume of more than 18 tons was reached for the last time.

In times of low interest rates and economic slowdown, the question for investors is increasingly what investments are still interesting today. Simple interest deposits such as call money or time deposits bring hardly any noteworthy returns and not everyone has the necessary knowledge to enter the stock market immediately. A gold investment appears to be a very attractive alternative. Like many tangible assets, gold is considered crisis-proof.