Gold and silver are rising to the top

Financial stability has gone and will not return
In 2020, in order to start the economy cold in terms of fiscal policy, all debt dams will break worldwide. In the presidential election year, the American budget deficit will be at least 15 percent. This is Hollywood-ready even for the USA. And in Europe, the stability union is increasingly being converted into an “alternative” debt union. At the end of the year, global debt will be approximately $ 280 trillion.

Central banks as sadists for interest rate savers
According to the motto “Free beer for everyone and forever”, international monetary policy must continue to manipulate lending rates towards zero and buy up bonds in bulk. Otherwise debt servicing would no longer be able to be carried out and the final financial super meltdown could no longer be stopped. Where there is no high interest on debt, there can be no attractive investment interest. The fact that interest savers pay holding premiums more often instead of receiving returns has killed the earlier argument against gold that it pays no interest. After inflation at the latest, saving interest is a castration of wealth. Nobody should hope that the central banks will raise interest rates when inflation rises again. With crocodile tears in their eyes, they will be grateful for price increases.