Giving away Bitcoin – billionaire distributes Satoshis on Twitter

How can we make Bitcoin adopted by the masses? – This question is always controversial. Must there be more acceptance points, must access to cryptocurrencies be made easier, or are completely different measures necessary? If we look back at the early years and the price of BTC from today’s perspective, there was virtually Bitcoin to give away.

After all, if you were mining with your own computer power, you were rewarded with sufficient BTC. From today’s perspective, such a scenario is hardly conceivable, since the investment costs for a lucrative mining farm are unaffordable for ordinary people. Bill Pulte, himself a billionaire, is now proposing to give away Bitcoin again to get more adoption.


Giving away Bitcoin – billionaire distributes BTC

Bill Pulte is a billionaire and grandson of the founder of a multi-billion real estate company: the PulteGroup. Bill describes himself as a philanthropist (philanthropist). Among other things, he uses Twitter to give money and property to people. He keeps giving away money to his followers or helping people in need.

Admittedly, that sounds a bit like a ‘holy Samaritan’ story. But what desks do is actually real and not a fake. In this context, he also sees cryptocurrencies as a vehicle for more freedom. In a recent tweet, he called on Bitcoin to be given away to drive mass adoption.

According to Pulte, the cryptocurrency phenomenon has to become more visible in order to eliminate the fairy tale of ‘cryptocurrencies are scams’. Therefore, Pulte now wants to give away Bitcoin, among other things.


Satoshi for a comment on Twitter

Just a few minutes after the desk published his first tweet, he followed up. He particularly emphasized the potential and opportunities of cryptocurrencies. They help the poorest people in the world and enable those who have not yet had access to an ‘account’.

In order to promote the adoption now, he decided to give away Bitcoin. To participate, all you have to do is leave a comment and say why you need BTC. So far there are almost 8000 comments under the tweet – so the chances are not that bad?

Does Pulte’s measure of giving away Bitcoin really help? Or do you think it’s more of a promotion for himself?