CASHGOLD VS. DEBT CURRENCIES – The financial market and its risk potential

In his new book Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies), Dr. h.c. Seiz explores a cutting-edge topic and the anxieties of the population. Directly following the introduction, in which he already speaks from the reader’s heart and the author writes about the delicate state of the current global political situation. Crises and wars, the instability of the banking system and the widespread loss of confidence in banks and conventional currencies are topics that Dr. h.c. Seiz deals with in detail in the first third of his book. He then explicitly addresses the issue of debt currencies and explains the history of debt, as well as the risk of the abolition of the gold standard in money. The term fiat money is described in detail and in its contents, so that the reader knows how the today’s money system functions and why it is not stable. Also the problem of growing global debt and its influences on monetary value and the financial security are points, which are dealt with in Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) in detail. After the first half of the book, the reader is aware of why trust in the banking system is not in their best interest and why the devaluation of money is an ever-ongoing and worrying issue.

Debt currencies are and always will be a danger | Dr. h.c. Seiz.

The problem of debt currencies plays a major role in the book by Karatbars International GmbH founder and CEO Dr. h.c. Seiz. Through his practical market experience, the author is an expert in this field and writes authentically about the dangers of the debt currency in relation to the world economy, infrastructure and payment transactions. The author subliminally touches on the fact that history repeats itself, referring to past inflation and monetary unions that have repeatedly led to the devaluation of money. Debt money, i.e. the bill printed with a fictitious number, has no equivalent value and can therefore only be redeemed on the basis of a state promise. This promise can become void at any time and lead to the devaluation of the money. Debt currency is generally not a solution when it comes to security in the financial sector and real, physical and haptic value. According to Dr. h.c. Seiz, the banknote of a debt currency is only worth as much as the paper and ink with which it was printed. A reorientation of the financial sector would generate new confidence, provided that the trend shifts away from debt currencies. In Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) the author leads directly to his proposed solution and the product Cashgold produced by Karatbars International GmbH.

Cashgold – a secure means of payment of the future?

Not every reader of the book has heard of Cashgold. To introduce the subject, the author starts out by examining the history of gold. He also takes a close look at the gold price and provides well-founded information about the value, which is stable despite all external influences. Dr. h.c. Seiz writes about the importance of gold as a means of payment and investment, which was already highly valued even back in medieval times. The development of Cashgold combines the desire for a convenient means of payment that can be easily kept in your pocket with the value of physical gold. Each banknote is fitted with a miniature bar of 24-carat fine gold, which represents the genuine value of Cashgold. Different denominations and the appearance of the note are reminiscent of today’s cash, which will lose its significance in the financial economy of the future. The book Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) is a recommendation for any reader looking for an alternative to debt currency. A short conclusion at the end of the book takes up the core topics again briefly and gives the reader an input what distinguishes a revolutionary means of payment like Cashgold.