Bitcoin Price Model Predicts $ 100,000 but it is just speculations

Bitcoin course models have a special relevance in crypto space and regularly cause heated discussions. The best known is PlanB’s Stock-to-Flow Model (S2F), which predicts a BTC price of $ 100,000 over the next few years. Despite the statistical accuracy of the S2F model, there are also criticisms. One of them is that the model only focuses on the supply side and ignores the demand side.While some view this criticism as more or less justified, a new Bitcoin course model has been circulating since June 11th. In contrast to S2F, this only focuses on the demand side by considering the development of the adoption of new technologies. Interestingly, this indirectly also predicts a tenfold increase in the price per “halving era”, which is already predicted by S2F. We summarize the approach of the new model for you in this article.


Bitcoin course model and the adoption of new technologies

Many view PlanB’s S2F model rather critically, although it has modeled the Bitcoin rate well in the past. The reason for this is not least that the price increases seem too strong for most. Almost too good to be true. While the forecast prices are actually very bullish from an objective perspective, a new analysis of the “Croesus” active on Twitter shows that these explosive increases are still possible despite increasing market capitalization.