Bitcoin interest is growing in Europe in times of crisis according to a survey

Trust seems to be growing

In times of greatest economic shocks, trust in cryptocurrencies seems to be growing. This is the conclusion of a survey by the Bitcoin exchange Bitflyer Europe, which asked 10,000 Europeans about their outlook for cryptocurrencies in March – exactly when Europe was becoming the next epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Of the countries surveyed, Italians were the most confident about the future of Bitcoin and Co.


Little awareness of the potential of Bitcoin and Co.

Bitcoin will not disappear from the scene anytime soon – this view unites a growing number of Europeans. However, there is still disagreement about the role that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will play in the future. Nine percent assume that payments with cryptocurrencies will become part of society’s normality in ten years. Just as many believe that Bitcoin will be particularly important as an investment. In Germany, only seven percent see themselves paying with cryptocurrencies in the future.


The majority of those questioned are still only familiar with Bitcoin; However, interest does not go far beyond the leading crypto currency. However, this should “not be confused with knowledge”:

“There is interest in cryptocurrencies in Germany, but I also observe that many do not know what Bitcoin or Ethereum are in detail. Here we have to start together and explain what cryptocurrencies are and why it makes absolute sense to deal more closely with the topic,”