Bitcoin, gold and silver – digital gold follows the precious metals

Gold towards All Time High
Everyone is talking about gold today, whether we look around in the media or look around in crypto space. The Gold Rally started after the Corona crash in mid-March. The price lost around 12% in value with the pandemic, which represented only a relatively small loss in value compared to some indices and stocks. On March 19, gold started off at the $ 1,450 monthly support level. From there, gold began to recover very well and has had a strong performance to date. Here the gold price posted a gain of over 25%. Because the precious metal is currently $ 1,886. The only thing missing is a small bullish move to all-time high, which is $ 1,920.
Even if the Bitcoin price is still far from its all-time high in comparison, we want to take a closer look at gold in the dollar rate. The abbreviation is: XAU / USD. First we want to look at important support zones in the daily chart, because here too some investors and traders are still looking for clear entrances. Gold is certainly worth a look for a deposit protection.

The precious metal silver at the moment
If we were to currently put all three course developments on top of each other, silver would be ahead. Silver has shown strength this week. But there is still a lot of air until the all-time high. Because the so-called all-time high is around $ 50, the market value was created in January 1980. A few days after the high value, the purchase of silver was prohibited because of delivery problems. Only sales were allowed, which led to the bursting of the speculative bubble on the silver market.