Bitcoin ETP: Deutsche Börse lists it on Xetra – is it better than ETF?

Good news from the german market. Deutsche Börse and Xetra and no, it has nothing to do with Wirecard. Bitcoin is now coming to the most heavily traded marketplace in Germany in the form of an ETP.

21Shares is bringing its Bitcoin ETPs to the largest German stock exchange after the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. Is this the starting signal for more adoption by institutional investors in Germany and Europe or even the starting signal for a Bitcoin ETF in the USA?


Deutsche Börse lists Bitcoin ETP on Xetra

Thursday is the day. The financial company 21Shares, known as Amun AG in January, took the plunge and lands with its Bitcoin ETP on one of the largest international stock exchanges, the Xetra.The Bitcoin-focused company not only strengthens its position in Germany after the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, but also gets access to a large number of institutional investors from Europe and around the world through the listing. An important step for Bitcoin to find acceptance in the mass market.

“The listing on Xetra not only strengthens our current position in Germany, but also opens up institutional crypto products for the wider European and international market,” said Laurent Kssis, Managing Director of 21Shares, in a statement.